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Nora Raum
Attorney at Law

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A Debt Relief Agency

Bankruptcy is Still Available
February 2007
All the fuss when the law changed in 2005 left many people with the idea that there is no more bankruptcy for people. That's not true. The new law has made it more complicated and burdensome, but it hasn't eliminated bankruptcy altogether. Read the full article.

Nora's book Surviving Personal Bankruptcy is now available!
Surviving Personal Bankruptcy; Your Guide to the Personal, Legal and Financial Issues will walk you through the process. It is a step-by-step guide that starts where you are right now - looking for information about bankruptcy. Learn more.


Nora's Guide to Bankruptcy
It's not a scary as you might think. Review this gentle introduction to the legal landscape of bankruptcy.

Nora's Guide To Life After Bankruptcy
Yes, Virginia, there is life after bankruptcy. Review this guide for tips on rebuilding your credit.

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